JaneAugust Studio with Cooper


What’s in a name?

My given name was Jane Gleeson – no middle name – just Jane Gleeson. I’m not quite sure why. All my older siblings had middle names. Growing up the youngest of four children, I often wondered if my parents simply ran out of ideas for middle names. I even questioned my first name…Jane…one syllable, somewhat plain, “ordinary” as one brother would (lovingly) call me.

Don’t get me wrong, I actually like my name – I just always wanted something more; more than one syllable, more than “Jane where’s Tarzan” (that is not a middle name!). Yes, more as in a real middle name!

So, as a young adult, I discovered that I could legally change or add to my name. But what would make a good middle name? Having had a grandfather with whom I was very close, I always liked the strength of his German name and since my brothers already had two of his names, it left me with his middle name – August! I loved it!
And so, in honor of a person much admired, I legally changed my name to Jane August (Gleeson).

Jane means “gracious” or “beauty.” August means “grand” or “distinguished.” Again, I loved it! I thought of it as my “pen name”. And so when it came to naming my business, after exploring many alternatives, it became apparent to me that my business should be named JaneAugust.

So, with grace, strength, and passion, I bring the qualities of a name to you and your events and botanical environments – moments in your lifetime that – like me – will leave you with a story to be told.